How to Write the Perfect Job Description in Four Steps

With time and the pressures of business growth (not to mention day-to-day operations) on their mind, small businesses are particularly susceptible to making the wrong hiring decisions. It’s an expensive mistake. Recruiting a new employee even at minimum wage, can end up costing a company … Continued

3 Smart Steps to Be a Better Delegator

When Gallup studied 3,500 businesses to discover how managers create high-performance cultures, the research showed employees empowered with authority and accountability were more likely to recognize and respond to changing information, help develop innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition and connect better with … Continued

Why You Should Expand Your Paternity/Maternity Leave

Sir Richard Branson was in the headlines recently as he aims to go higher and farther. His latest venture isn’t rocket-powered, however, it’s people-powered. The airline mogul, in an attempt to better the quality of life on Earth, has ascended to a height unparalleled by … Continued

6 Tips to Help You Network When You’re Shy

Very few people believe me when I tell them I’m shy. Why? Because I’m a frequent public speaker, a regular networker, and I love to meet and brainstorm with other small business owners. When I started my own business in 2008, I knew I’d have … Continued

How to Hire a Great Sales Rep

Whether you’re hiring your first salesperson or your 10th, this is one of the most important hires you’re going to make as an entrepreneur. After all even the best products or services don’t sell themselves. So, what should you look for? Is there a way … Continued

Protecting Your Online Reputation

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn about a new client, find out about a new competitor, get the background on a potential new hire or research a purchase? You go online, of course. Heck, today we go online before we … Continued

Are You an All-Star Small Business Owner?

Tonight, 66 of the most talented players in Major League Baseball will take the field at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati for this season’s All-Star Game. The Midsummer Classic marks (roughly) the halfway point of the baseball season (and more roughly, the halfway point … Continued