How to Convert More Leads and Boost Cash Flow

There are many steps a small business can take to improve cash flow and convert more leads, many of which we outline here, here and here. Of course, one of the most obvious measures is to increase sales. But what if you’re doing everything right … Continued

Fundbox salutes Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. Over the next month, the United States will celebrate the history and contributions of over 50 million citizens. Hispanic Americans have had a profound impact on our nation. Through their hard work and positive influence, Americans … Continued

How to Avoid Bankruptcy and Grow Your Business!

Today’s economy is much improved from the days of the recession, but it is still a treacherous place for small businesses. Even the most seasoned businessman can be caught off guard by the rapidly changing times, technology, and stock market. Avoid bankruptcy and possible failure … Continued

Clear your Harvest Invoices With Fundbox!

Hey business owners and freelancers, we’ve got some great news for you. There’s a new addition to our family of integrated bookkeeping applications… Please welcome Harvest! One of our most requested features has been Harvest integration. We’ve been working overtime with the Harvest team to … Continued

5 Ways to Survive Business Seasonality without Going Broke

If you run a seasonal business, then you’ll know the challenge of maintaining revenue streams during your off-season. Many seasonal business owners can flip their businesses to overcome the effect of seasonality. For example, landscapers based in colder climates often get into the business of … Continued