How to Take a Vacation This Summer

+-*You promised friends and family that this would be the year you would really take a summer vacation. But now that summer is almost here, you’re wondering how you can leave your precious baby (that is, your business) to waste time on the beach. You … Continued

5 Advantages an Intern Can Bring to Your Small Business

+-*Summer is right around the corner and intern hiring season is full swing. If your small business doesn’t have an internship program you may be missing out. Interns today can be immediately productive, bring extensive connections, and can be nurtured as future employees, making recruitment … Continued

5 Mistakes Killing Your Business Credit History

+-*Business credit history can influence your ability to get business loans, trade credit, or even your growth potential. Are you giving your business credit the attention it deserves? If not, you could be killing your business credit history without even realizing it. Here are 5 … Continued

4 Mistakes Not to Make When Hiring Summer Interns

+-*If you haven’t started looking for your summer interns yet, it’s time to step up your game and get the word out. According to, the best timeframe to advertise an internship job opening is seven to 10 weeks before the intern’s expected start date. … Continued

Why You Should Be Tracking Your Time

+-*In the business of life, it is important to know that you’re making progress. Things get busy, to-do lists are left in the dust of the hustle, and you are pulled twelve directions at once. Mastering the day means knowing where your time is spent, … Continued