Is It Time To Change Your Logo?

Google recently sent the tech world into a twitter on Twitter after it altered the look of its logo. With what amounted to little more than a change of font and a tilt of the “e,” the company built a buzz around its brand. While … Continued

5 Ways to Hire Better Employees

Uncertain economy or not, many small business owners regularly look for ways to reduce their costs; such is the nature of running a company. To save money, some might try to find a better deal on their utilities and operating expenses, tighten the strings on … Continued

You Can Still Achieve Your 2015 Goals

As I write this post, we are entering the final three months of 2015. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably saying “where did the time go?” That’s what happens to entrepreneurs who spend the majority of their days in the weeds of their … Continued

How to Use Technology to Get More Done on the Road

Does your business require you or your employees to spend lots of time on the road? Whether you’re flying across country to make an important sales presentation or just getting in the car to visit customers and prospects, busy small business owners can’t afford to … Continued