Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

Hopefully, you’ll never need to involve a lawyer into your business affairs. And hopefully, you’re not making business decisions based on hope. Realistically, there may be times when it’s necessary to bring in a hired hand who specializes in legal matters like drawing up contracts, … Continued

10 Delivery Apps to Save You Time

Time is money, right? And you wouldn’t just throw money away, so why treat your time any differently? Of all the modern conveniences that technology has provided us, none is so valuable as the time (read: money) it affords if used efficiently. Just as the … Continued

Fundbox Keeps Photographer in Focus

Picture this: A photographer on the edge of Grand View vista of the Colorado National Monument, standing behind her Phase One camera, one of the highest resolution cameras in the world, capturing the mounds of red rocks and towers of eroded sandstone. Carol M. Highsmith … Continued

Best Travel Apps for the Small Business Traveler

In days of yore, before we carried the entirety of human knowledge around in our pockets, traveling could be a difficult experience. Technologies of the time included travelers’ checks, travel agencies, city guidebooks, phone booths, word of mouth and luck. It’s a wonder anyone went … Continued