10 Ways to Fight Procrastination to Build Your Business

Procrastination seems harmless enough. After all, putting off the tough jobs until later won’t really hurt your productivity, right? Wrong. What procrastination really means is wasted time. According to one recent study, workers admit to wasting more than two hours every day. That translates into … Continued

5 Reasons Not to Manage Your Accounting with Excel

Many small businesses use Excel to manage their small business accounting, and it does many things very well, particularly if you’re a one man band. But as your business and customer base grows, Excel’s limitations start to emerge. Tracking unpaid invoices in a spreadsheet, for … Continued

9 Ways to Reduce Your Small Business Taxes this Year

Is your small business paying more in taxes than is necessary? The answer is probably yes. In a recent webinar hosted by SCORE Mentors, Jennifer Warawa of Sage Accounting, outlined four mistakes that small businesses make that result in higher tax payments. These include: Not … Continued

How to Blog to Boost Business Growth

Have you been thinking about adding a business blog to your list of 2015 plans? Or looking to inject new life into your existing blog? Blogs are great for helping your business share interesting content with readers, create engagement and build trust, but they can … Continued

3 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money on Shipping

Do you know the #1 pain point most small-business owners have in regards to shipping? They need help reducing shipping costs. But how can the average business shipper cut costs while FedEx and UPS keep increasing rates and the Postal Service threatens to close branches … Continued